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Recent vacancies

These are some of the latest vacancies available at Ikigai Talent.

Will one of them be the right match for you?

Chief Operations Officer


AI Staff Engineer

  • Spain Barcelona
  • Enterprise
  • Open Salary

Business Manager – Motorsport / Automoción


Data Analyst (Retail)

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IKIGAI Talent Stories

Meet some of our protagonists and discover how we managed to find their ideal job and company.

A place that lives up to their expectations where they can work in line with their values and goals.

At IKIGAI Talent there are people ready to help you with everything you need:

If you're interested in Executive vacancies, talk to Cristina!

Cristina Herrera (Talent & Offers)

Kon’nichiwa, I’m Cristina Herrera.

I love managing Executive roles such as CTOs, VP’s of Engineering, CPOs, CFOs, CMOs, CSOs, CDOs, and more.

Always open to have a coffe and talk about the new challange in your career path.

If you're interested in Sales and Digital vacancies, talk to Alexander!

Alexander Van Vianen (Talent & Offers)

Hey there, I’m Alexander.

My main expertise is Executive & Management departments, such as CCO, VP Sales, Sales Director, Sales Manager, VP Marketing, Marketing Director, and many others.

Are you open to learn more about any of these roles? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you're interested in Sales vacancies, talk to Alís!

Alís Vidal (Talent & Offers)

Hi, i’m Alís!

I’m specialized in the following Sales roles around the Digital Industry:

Account Manager, Account Executive, Business Developer, New Business, Sales Engineer, Costumer Success, Sales Operations, Sales Manager.

Would you like to talk and hear about the positions currently open for you?

If you're interested in Technology vacancies, talk to Julia!

Júlia Lluch (Talent & Offers)


I’m Julia Lluch and I’m currently managing Front-end & Full-stack roles:

.NET & Javascript (Vue, React & Angular).

Are you looking for new challanges? Let’s have a nice chat.

If you're looking for Talent in LATAM, talk to Mayra!

Mayra Caballero (Companies)

Hello, I’m Mayra.

My area of expertise is finding opportunities in new markets & help Executive teams build their departments.

I love to hear your hiring needs and see If we can help you attract & retain the best talent.

Let’s meet & have a coffee.

If you're interested in Technology vacancies, talk to Giovanna!

Giovanna Busetto (Talent & Offers)

Hi, I’m Giovanna.

I’m an International Partner and I manage Infrastructure & Data roles, such as Data Engineer, Data Scientists, Data Architect, among others.

I love to talk about the latest trends in the SAAS Industry, let’s meet and have a coffe.

If you're interested in Technology vacancies, talk to Roxana!

Roxana Daniela (Talent & Offers)


I’m Roxana Daniela

I’m currently managing Back-end roles: PHP & Unity!

Do you want to make some changes and boost-up your career?

Let’s talk and have a nice conversation!

What is the salary range for your position?

This guide will answer your questions.



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