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Behind every professional there's a person. And behind every company there's a purpose and values that can be a good match for that person.

Why not look for that connection and have both companies and candidates benefit from it?

Can we help you find your Ikigai?

Finding your Ikigai at work is about creating a connection between your personal and professional life that is in line with your values and purpose.

That's why we’ll get to know you in depth and help you achieve it by showing you not only good vacancies, but also companies that can make you happy.

Recent vacancies

These are some of the latest vacancies available at Ikigai Talent.

Will one of them be the right match for you?

Lead Tech Product Manager


Wallet Project Manager

  • Spain St Cugat del Vallès
  • Scale-up
  • up to 80k

Product Manager (MarTech)


DevOps Senior & Architect

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Looking for the best talent?

We help you identify and find the candidate that best fits your team, taking into account soft and hard skills, as well as the professional and the personal side.

We're your People Partner!

We're your partner to find talent.
Here some of our latest hirings:

C-Suite Executive


Rakuten TV

"Being part of the Rakuten group is a huge challenge.

I really appreciate the opportunity, and I want to live up to it!

Many thanks to Cristina Herrera from IKIGAI Talent Group for connecting me with this great opportunity."



Java Developer,
Antonio Flores - Latest Hirings

"If one word can sum up my experience with Roxana, it closeness.

Accompanying me in every step of the process, even long after my incorporation.

Thanks to IKIGAI I got a great job opportunity and a significant improvement in my life."

IT Sales


WelcomePack - James Dress

James has recently joined Onlive.Site as the new Chief Growth Officer.

The goal of his incorporation is to scale-up both Sales & Marketing departments, therefore, defining and Inbound Marketing Strategy and increase the leads.



Product Content,
Quality Clouds
WelcomePack - Cristina Villavicencio

"I strongly recommend IKIGAI because of the professional attitude when moving forward through the recruiting process.

From the very beginning until the final decision, I developed a strong sense of self-confidence."

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