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Senior DevOps Engineer for Japanese Blockchain Company


We are currently managing a Senior DevOps Engineer role for a International Japanese & Blockchain company, located in Singapore, that will soon land & open a new office in Spain.

We are looking for a DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer that will help us handle, maintain, and improve the development processes, CI/CD pipelines, manage the existing and planned infrastructure deployments, 3rd party integrations, etc.

Technologies that we deal with: Rust, Nix, Haskell etc.


  1. Learn, understand, and maintain the existing infrastructure of the company, including all the deployments of all the products and tools.
  2. Provide top availability of all running deployments. Help to identify any weak points and any ways to improve the quality of the infrastructure and the monitoring standards.
  3. Maintain and improve the pipelines and integrations related to the development processes. Integrations across used 3rd party services, CI and testing pipelines, CD integrations with the cloud deployment and app publishing platforms, etc.
  4. Work with the development and QA teams to identify any existing pain-points in the current development processes, help to figure out and implement improvements.
  5. Work with the technology leaders to identify any missing points in the existing monitoring and alerting functionalities, help to figure out and implement improvements.
  6. Understand and comply with all operational and information security policies and manage appropriate controls.
  7. Assist with audit processes like SOC 2 and remediate audit findings if any.
  8. Configure, manage and monitor infrastructure components like load balancers, web application firewalls etc.
  9. Configure, manage and monitor globally distributed hybrid infrastructure environment.

Weekend monitoring duty for the status of all running infrastructure (maybe alternating weekend shifts with another infrastructure engineer).

Don’t need to be present online but the person on the active-duty shift during the weekend is expected to provide quick reaction to any raised problems or alerts.


  • 5+ years of Infrastructure administration and/or DevOps Engineer and/or System Administration experience,
  • Production experience with multiple CI/CD solutions
  • Production experience with cloud technology providers like AWS, Azure, DO, Heroku, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Production experience with web-infrastructure and hosting providers like Netlify, Cloudflare., DNS, load-balancing, proxying, CDN, etc.
  • Extensive experience with Linux OS and bash scripting
  • Working experience with monitoring technologies.
  • Experience with container and Devops technologies, like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vagrant, Ansible, Jenkins, etc.
  • Network fundamentals. Basic understanding of computer networks and network protocols. Network architectures.
  • Database management, monitoring, debugging and understanding of CAP theorem
  • Good understanding of reliability, high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Git + GitHub and/or other git web hubs
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English.

Bonus qualifications:

  1. Experience with static and dynamic code profiling.
  2. Programming languages: Python, JS, Ruby, Perl, etc.
  3. Package management: npm, Cargo, Nix, etc.
  4. Experience handling native mobile app pipelines (CI, CD)
  5. Blockchain fundamental


  • Salary range: up to 80k
  • FULL REMORE working model
  • International envirnoment
  • Fun team events
  • Be part of the Blockchain industry and one of the most important Cryptocurrency companies.

If you believe you're the ideal candidate for the Senior DevOps Engineer role, do not hesitate to apply to the offer using your LinkedIn profile or uploading your CV.

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