Country Rollout Manager


Country Rollout Manager for an International Technological Hub


We are looking for a Country Rollout Manager to join a multidisciplinary team in order to coordinate the internalization of their products. 


  • Serve as the crucial link connecting your assigned countries with our agile, cross-functional team, ensuring seamless collaboration and information flow.
  • Support local country teams in optimizing the use of our products. This includes helping them identify and define business needs, as well as formulate potential improvements for existing or desired products, ultimately driving success in their respective markets.
  • Work hand-in-hand with developers, QA engineers, and product owners/managers, fostering a collaborative environment to achieve common goals and deliver exceptional products.
  • Assist with managing the agile boards specifically assigned to your countries, ensuring smooth workflows and efficient project execution.
  • Develop and deliver engaging training sessions for both internal and external stakeholders, effectively disseminating knowledge and fostering understanding.
  • Create clear and concise documentation and presentations, ensuring transparent communication and efficient knowledge transfer.


  • 2+ years of shaping successful products through:  User-centric design: Expertise in UX and visual interface design, ensuring user satisfaction and product usability. Data-driven approach: Utilize data insights to inform design decisions and optimize product performance.
  • Design systems knowledge: Understand and apply design system principles for consistency and efficiency.
  • Leverage modern tools like Figma and Principle to create impactful designs and interactive prototypes.
  • Apply common research methods and tools to gather valuable user data and guide design decisions. Possess experience working on social and consumer-facing products across various platforms, including desktop and mobile.


  • Hybrid work Model (2 days at the office)
  • Salary Range: Up to 30k

If you believe you are the ideal candidate for the Countroy Rollout Manager role, do not hesitate to apply to the offer with your LinkedIn profile or uploading your CV. 

We will contact you very soon! 

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