Chief Operations Officer


Chief Operations Officer (COO) – Strategic Leadership


We are currently managing a Chief Operations Officer (COO) role for a Cloud Company based in Barcelona.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) responsibilities:

Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Designing and implementing an effective strategic work plan for the company.
  • Collaborating and working cross-functionally with various departments.
  • Coordinating and leading the Service Manager and Team Leads, ensuring the constant tracking of their objectives and providing solutions to their needs.
  • Conducting regular follow-up meetings with the third-level team (Service Managers, Team Leads, and strategic profiles within the company).
  • Engaging with the technical leadership to seek support, address issues collectively, request technical training for the team, etc.

Resource Optimization and Process Enhancement

  • Ensuring well-defined goals and tasks for the team.
  • Optimizing business processes and leveraging economic resources for each project, minimizing resource utilization while maximizing operational results and avoiding performance losses.
  • Automating operational activities, workflows, and dynamic communications whenever possible.
  • Analyzing common solutions to streamline client systems, providing specific tools and documentation for repetitive tasks along with relevant training (e.g., audit tools, monitoring systems, FinOps, architectural review checklists, etc.).
  • Establishing mechanisms to identify and ensure compliance with deliverable SLAs in terms of timeliness and quality.

Team Management and Development

  • Reporting financial data to the responsible manager and allocating time reports from the team.
  • Overseeing the recruitment of new personnel and requesting profiles based on business needs.
  • Monitoring business productivity and ensuring equitable workload distribution within the team.
  • Providing the team with the necessary tools and training to perform their tasks effectively.
  • Identifying and anticipating risk situations for the company, such as customer dissatisfaction, productivity issues, talent retention, security concerns, etc.
  • Offering exceptional post-sales support and attending meetings with potential and existing clients to address tense situations and evaluate improvement implementations alongside Service Managers.


  • Salary range: up to 80k.
  • HYBRID working model.

If you believe you're the ideal candidate for the Chief Operations Officer role, do not hesitate to apply to the offer using your LinkedIn Profile or uploading your CV. 

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