Executive Marketing & IT Sales Knowledge for 2023


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Sales Salaries

Executive Marketing & IT Sales roles and salaries for 2023

This article is related to the forecast of strategic positions in the area of Digital Marketing & IT Sales salaries, taking into account the insights of 2022.

My Expertise

For more than 7 years of my professional career, I have specialized in the search and selection of middle and senior management for technology companies in different phases.

My specialization is CCO, VP Sales, Sales Director, Sales Manager, VP Marketing and Marketing Director for Start-up, Scale-up and Enterprise companies.

Extremely people-focused, establishing long-term relationships based on trust and transparency.

During all these years of professional career, we have seen projects from early stages to unicorns, international companies landing in Barcelona to establish their technology headquarters, or multinationals betting on digital transformation.

Executive Sales roles & salaries

Chief Commercial Officer

A Commercial Director is an essential cog in the wheel of a company.

Known in English under the acronym CCO, for Chief Commercial Officer, this figure is responsible, broadly speaking, for directing the company’s commercial activities.

There are different types of professionals that lead to this position, profiles oriented to new markets with an international focus and hyper-growth mindset or profiles with experience in the management of existing accounts to increase renewal, retention, cross-selling and upselling with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is very important to know what type of business model you have to identify which of these profiles you will need in your organization.

The salary range for this kind of position is between 50.000,00€ – 130.000,00€ per year.

VP of Sales

The figure of VP of Sales is born when the commercial strategy has taken shape.

We will find these positions in companies that are in a Scale-Up phase or that are already in an Enterprise phase.

Some of the duties are:

  • Design and carry out commercial and sales strategies to obtain better sales results.
  • Maintain active communication with other department managers, such as the marketing manager or product manager. Communication is vital for all departments to understand that they must move at equal speeds to go further.

The commercial area requires exceptional human resources. It is the Sales Manager’s task to select this personnel and integrate them into the department’s team.

He or she must lead, motivate and ensure an excellent work environment.

Among these human resources are the sales representatives, who represent the company to customers. Additionally, a good image of the organization depends a lot on the sales department. Plus, leadership is very important.

The wage for this position is between 65.000,00€ – 110.000,00€ per year.

Sales Director

The Sales Director main functions are to identify new areas of growth for the company in different channel.

Moreover, will define the objectives, commercial budgets, and needs of the company together with the Commercial Management, with the objective of gaining a greater market share and establishing itself as a leader.

In addition, this profile is in charge of negotiating commercial agreements and setting the KPIs by campaigns, preparing detailed analyses, and ensuring compliance with the goals set.

The salary for this position is between 55.000,00€ – 85.000.00€ per year.

Head of Customer Success

A Head of Customer Success leads the CSMs team to work with customers ensuring they are receiving the tools and support they need to achieve their goals.

This includes advising them on purchasing decisions and onboarding new users after purchase.

CSMs have a deep understanding of customer needs and are responsible for communicating common customer behaviors to sales, marketing, and product teams.

From pre-sales to post-purchase, CSMs complete a variety of tasks and create mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

The salary range for this position is between 35.000,00€ – 55.000,00€ per year.

Executive Marketing roles & salaries

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer.

It is the C-suite executive responsible for growing the business through the design and implementation of a marketing plan.

The CMO will work closely with other departments, such as sales, customer service, product, IT, or communication, to ensure that the marketing strategy is aligned with the business objectives, for instance, ensuring growth.

Some companies call this position by other names, such as Marketing Director, but the CMO has a broader role because he or she collaborates with other executives in the C-suite.

The compensation for this role is between 70.000,00€ – 140.000,00€ per year.

VP of Marketing

The VP of Marketing takes place at an advanced stage of the organization when there is a larger departmental structure.

Some of the functions are:

  • Develop and implement an articulated marketing plan to increase brand recognition.
  • Establish current and long-term objectives for internal teams.
  • Design and review the marketing department budget.
  • Build relationships with media and stakeholders through public relations strategies
  • Analyze metrics and KPIs.

In many organizations, this role requires to be hands-on experience in a specific area within Marketing, e.g. Demand generation.

Direct report to the CMO.

The yearly compensation for the VP Marketing role is between 80.000,00€ – 115.000.00€.

CGO (Chief Growth Officer)

The Chief Growth Officer is responsible for ensuring that all marketing functions are reviewed and optimized under value propositions.

From there, the results are passed on to the sales department with the goal of improving conversions.

The CGO is responsible for ensuring that all these value propositions are maintained during the sales process and that all user interactions are measured.

Also, for prioritizing all product development activities, ensuring that the customer receives the expectations they have from the business.

In this way, the customer experience reveals the degree of satisfaction at each stage of the funnel.

The annual compensation for this kind of role is between 70.000,00€ – 130.000,00€.

About Myself

I´m Alexander Van Vianen, Managing Partner at IKIGAI TalentGroup.

I define myself as a hard-working, constant, disciplined, entrepreneurial and people-oriented person.

I am an active listener, who likes to get to know people, understand their motivations, their hobbies and, above all, try to help them to be better people.

Moreover, I have dedicated myself to connecting ideas, people, companies, philosophies, values and strategies.

And that is why IKIGAI Talent was born, to understand life as a connection between values, principles, and the way of seeing life between people who carry out a common idea.

IT Sales salaries


Salaries in sales profiles correspond to the annual gross salary and do not include bonuses.

These bonuses can increase salaries between 25% to 50% for On-Target Earnings (OTE).

None of the salaries mentioned below contain bonuses, ESOPS or Stocks.

I hope you find this information interesting and useful.

Thanks for reading & learning about the Executive Marketing & IT Sales salaries & roles for 2023.

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