Which Back-end profiles & technologies are the most demanded in 2023?


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High demanded Back-end profiles & technologies in the Tech Industry for 2023

In this article you will learn about the most demanded Back-end & IT Management profiles in the TECH Industry for 2023.

Market overview

Numerous factors have made companies of all sizes – worldwide – adapted their working policies to their employees, providing better conditions that will increase talent retention within their departments.

There are several reasons on why is this happening. For instance, Covid-19 made us adapt to not going to the office and therefore, work remotely from our homes. But more reasons have led us to this situation.

First, a few companies implemented this working model. They were successful and achieved more loyalty among the employees. Then, when other companies needed to hire, they found out they couldn’t convince people that already had those perks, so they had to offer the same conditions.

Moreover, there are other factors, such as being able to spend time with family and having more spare time in the afternoons (that is not used to go & return from the office) or being able to work far away from home (maybe in a trip or so).


Software Developer

A Software Developer is one who develops and implements computer systems. They type code, which is converted into a functional website or application.

In other words, they are in charge of designing, producing, and maintaining elements or sets of software that must be integrated to create applications.

Moreover, their main function within the company is to comply with the necessary quality models and specifications required for the correct functioning of the purpose for which their software was created.

As a result, there are two main types of programming: Front-end and Back-end. I’m going to talk about Back-end and all the programming languages and technologies it encompasses.

If you want to read about the Front-en side, you can find some useful information in my softare colleague Júlia Lluch’s blog article: Front-end Developer: salaries & trending technologies for 2023

Back-end Developer

A Back-end Developer is a professional in charge of the development of a website, app or program; they are in charge of the “back end”, the back; in other words, working with the server.

Their responsibilities are to design, review and repair everything so that it works correctly. 

In the Back-end field we find different programming languages such as: 


PHP is a programming language intended for developing web applications and creating web pages, favoring the connection between servers and the user interface. 

Among the factors that made PHP so popular is the fact that it is open source. 


Python is a programming language widely used in web applications, software development, data science and machine learning (ML).

Developers use Python because it is efficient and easy to learn, plus it can run on many different platforms.

Python software is free to download, integrates well with all types of systems, and increases the speed of development. 


Java is a general-purpose, concurrent, object-oriented programming language that was specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

It is intended to allow application developers to write the program once and run it on any device. 


The software .NET is a platform for application development created by Microsoft. NET is not limited to a single language, but the developer can choose from several languages such as C# or Visual Basic, or even Javascript. 


Node.js is one of the most widely used technologies in the industry.

The platform takes advantage of all your knowledge of JavaScript and allows you to program the back-end of applications using the same language.

In addition to this advantage, it is one of the most used technologies by applications such as Netflix, Facebook or Wikipedia. 

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development environment that is optimized for programmer satisfaction and sustainable productivity.

It allows you to write good code by avoiding repetition and favoring convention over configuration. 


Golang is an open-source programming language created by Google. Its main focus is on productivity, which is essential for anyone working with cross-platform systems. 

The compensation for the Back-end Developer role is between 35.000,00€ 75.000,00€ per year.

Back-end & Front-end

Software Management roles:

Tech Lead

A Technical Leader or Tech Lead is a software developer who is in charge of an entire development team.

He/she is responsible for ensuring that the products that are produced are of the appropriate technical quality. 

Most importantly, the Tech Lead must create a technical vision with the development team and work with the entire group to achieve the goal.

Throughout the creation phase, the Technical Leader adds the skills of other different roles but is always linked to the code and programming. 

The wage for the Tech Lead position is between 40.000,00 – 80.000,00€ per year.

Team Lead

This role is described by my colleague Júlia, who has more expertise in this kind of position. Click here to read her article about Front-end technologies, salaries & roles.

Software Architect

Principal Engineer 

The Principal Engineer is the highest role that you can apply for before becoming a director in the company.

The principal engineer usually has absolute knowledge of all the source code that is being worked on and also has fairly extensive knowledge of the patterns and standards that the company is following. 

The compensation for the Principal Engineer role is between 50.000,00€ – 100.000,00€, per year.

Other Software Management roles

Agile Coach 

The Agile Coach is an agile expert with the necessary competencies and skills to help people adopt the agile mindset, enabling them to understand agile principles and values.

In addition, he promotes the self-organization of teams, autonomy and responsibility in the project, as well as guiding companies towards an agile transformation in their organizational structures, processes and tools for managing agile project work. 

Guiding people and teams along the agile path is a complex task where, in addition to technical expertise, the skills and attitudes of a professional coach such as a facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach are necessary.

In short, he/she aims to get people to give the best of themselves. 

The yearly wage for the Agile Coach position is between 50.000,00€ – 80.000,00€.

About me

I’m Pau Busquets, IT Business Consultant.  

Pau Busquets - IT Business Consultant

I consider myself an open-minded and caring person. I am a very intense, positive, and direct person. If you don’t know me, you might get tired of so much intensity.

You’ll hardly see me angry!

I’m from Barcelona, from the neighborhood of Gracia.  

In terms of hobbies I like snowboarding and golf but, above all, I’m a great Barça fan!

I have been a member of the football club since I was 7 years old.

When I was a kid, I always went with my father to watch soccer.

I also have wonderful parents and two sisters who  

My specialization

Since I joined IKIGAI Talent, we have been helping Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, and Enterprises to grow their teams in the technology field, specifically software. 

In the software team they are different kinds of profiles depending on the experience level in terms of leadership, technicians, or software developers:  

My goal is that you can find your IKIGAI, get you into a TOP project and that we both enjoy the selection process. 

First of all, it is important to understand that we are currently 2 people working at IKIGAI Talent’s Software Department, and it’s Júlia Lluch and me! 🙂

Júlia is more focused on Front-end roles and I’m more focused on the Back-end.

And that’s all for this article!

Thanks for reading & learning about the most demanded Back-end & Management profiles, and the technologies they will use in 2023!

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